SAP, NPL & NET Coaching Announcements

. General News

Our seniors, Broadmeadow Magic FC are excited to announce their Football Department for season 2019.

2019 Technical Leadership
2019 Technical Director – Chris Gallagher
2019 Technical Advisor (Youth) – Paul Gomez

2019 Head Coaches
U9 SAP (2 Teams) – Tom Donnelly & John Stojanovski
U10 SAP (2 Teams) – Bobby Dodovski & Shane Parmenter
U11 NET – Tony Majurovski
U12 NET – Joe McCarthy
U13 NPL – Chris Acevski
U14 NPL – Nic Pepper
U15 NPL – Ben Edwards
U16 NPL – Chris Gallagher

2019 Support Team
Youth Coordinator – Tony Temelkovski
Youth Coordinator – David Antcliff
Youth Program Support – Robert Jovanovski

The 2019 football department is a blend of stability from the 2018 season and new ideas from a carefully selected group of head coaches focused on player development and competition results in 2019.

Broadmeadow Magic FC believe our 2019 football department will do our club, players and supporters proud as we prepare for the next season of Magic football.