Magic Youth 2014 Season Final Competition Standings

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2014 Magic Competition Teams final standings, before the Finals Series start, next week.

8 Competition teams- all finished in the Top 2, and playing Finals Football.

Under 12A- 1st undefeated Minor Premiers

Under 12B- 1st undefeated Minor Premiers

Under 12C- 1st undefeated Minor Premiers

Under 13A- 2nd Place

Under 14A- 1st undefeated Minor Premiers

Under 15A- 2nd Place

Under 16A- 1st Minor Premiers

Under 18A- 2nd Place


Kanga Cup Under 14 Team

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(Shirt #4) Tom Negline, (Shirt #6) Liam Simpson, (Shirt #7) Hamish Gillies, (Shirt #8) Curtis Scopulovic, (Shirt #9) Josh Small, (Shirt #10) Jaydon Dzananovic, (Shirt #11) Zach Rich, (Shirt #12) Henry Gibson, (Shirt #14) Alex Stamenkovski, (Shirt #17) Wil Negline, (Shirt #22) Luke Gibbons, (Shirt #23) Jayden Stewardson, (Shirt #99) Tye Avis, (Shirt #36) Ben Frohlich, (Shirt #96) Lleyton Scigala

Coach Perry Mellon, Team Manager Brian Simpson

Kanga Cup Under 12 Team

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(Shirt #2) Matthew Berghofer, (Shirt #5) Noah Steinerts, (Shirt #7) Jackson Pereira, (Shirt #8) Ezekiel Gentle, (Shirt #9) Scott Travis, (Shirt #10) Daniel De Ridder, (Shirt #11) Nicholas Collins, (Shirt #12) Daniel Williams, (Shirt #17) Cooper Toby, (Shirt #19) Jak Bozinovski, (Shirt #29) Tom Parsons, (Shirt #37) Liam Dowse, (Shirt #40) Regan Black, (Shirt #66) Grant Clifford, (Shirt #75) Angus MacBean, (Shirt #99) Lewis Rooney

Coach Igor Karafinovski, Assistant Coach Scott Dowse, Assistant Coach John Bozinovski, Team Manager Mark Rooney

Kanga Cup Under 11 Team

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(Shirt #1) George Scorer, (Shirt #3) Angus Read, (Shirt #4) Kyle Malcom, (Shirt #7) Jackson McMahon, (Shirt #8) Max Oweryn, (Shirt #9) Jamie Gordon, (Shirt #10) Alex Law, (Shirt #99) Andy Kinkade, (Shirt #17) Rush Wislang, (Shirt #18) Josh Tonkin, (Shirt #88) Elliot Page, (Shirt #33) Lachlan Carey

Coach Wayne Kinkade, Assistant Coach Richard Read, Team Manager Brendan Scorer

Kanga Cup

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Broadmeadow Magic Youth Academy- will be entering 3 teams in Canberra’s Kanga Cup in July 2014.

Last year our Under 13’s took out the Cup , and this year we have entered 3 quality teams, to hopefully bring back the title.

The 12’s have drawn the groups of death, with a Sth Korean team, teams from VIC, SA,NSW and AIS Capital Football team.

The teams are: Under 11, Under 12 Under 14


There is a total of 44 players going, from Magic.

Follow Facebook and the website for all score and game updates, as well as photos.

Magic World Tournament Overview

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March and April 2014, was our 3rd big successful year of the Magic World Tournaments, having participants from Sydney, Central Coast, Emerging Jets, Forster, Mid North Coast and Newcastle, Hunter Valley area.

We had close to 1000 people at Myer Park for each event. Broadmeadow Magic would like to thank our Major sponsor for the events – Yoghurtland Australia

Under 10 World Cup
Winner: CHILE – Mongo FC
Runner Up: ITALY – North Sydney FC
3rd Place Playoff CUP: GERMANY – New Lambton

Under 11 Euro Cup
Winner: TURKEY – Mongo FC
Runner Up: FRANCE – North Sydney FC
3rd Place Playoff CUP: SWITZERLAND – Hamilton

Under 12 Champions Cup
Winner: ARSENAL – Emerging Jets
Runner Up: CELTIC – North Sydney FC
3rd Place Playoff CUP: MANCHESTER UNITED – Broadmeadow Magic

Magic Proudly Sponsoring “Firstchance” Kids With Autism

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Broadmeadow Magic Youth Football Academy, along with Magic over 35’s are proud to announce the support and donation towards “Firstchance” helping kids with Autism.

The over 35’s held a Beer appreciation night, raising $1500 to go towards the charity, in appreciation and belief of this important organisation, the Magic juniors are matching this amount to Total $3000.

The Magic juniors are also hoping, if approved to have the under 6 and 7 match day shirts, proudly display the Firstchance logo, to raise awareness of the organisation.

Photos of the kids and shirts are to follow shortly.

If anyone would like to donate, to this great organisation- please speak to the Magic Junior committee.

Magic Season Update

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This is the biggest player participation for Magic Youth. Exciting times, with new and existing talent coming through the ranks.

The progress update of our competition teams are as follows:
8 competition teams, all 8 in Top 3- 4 are 1st, and 5 are undefeated

Under 13A – 3rd
Under 15A – 2nd
Under 16A – 2nd UNDEFEATED, have 2 games in hand, will be 1st
Under 18A – 2nd

Sponsors Dinner

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2014 1st Magic Sponsors diner, will be held at The Duke Hotel, Saturday 28th June, this will be the 1st of 2 sponsors dinners, we have all inclusive, as a token of appreciation.

On behalf of the Magic Youth, thank you for your continual support.