SAP, NPL & NET Coaching Announcements

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Our seniors, Broadmeadow Magic FC are excited to announce their Football Department for season 2019.

2019 Technical Leadership
2019 Technical Director – Chris Gallagher
2019 Technical Advisor (Youth) – Paul Gomez

2019 Head Coaches
U9 SAP (2 Teams) – Tom Donnelly & John Stojanovski
U10 SAP (2 Teams) – Bobby Dodovski & Shane Parmenter
U11 NET – Tony Majurovski
U12 NET – Joe McCarthy
U13 NPL – Chris Acevski
U14 NPL – Nic Pepper
U15 NPL – Ben Edwards
U16 NPL – Chris Gallagher

2019 Support Team
Youth Coordinator – Tony Temelkovski
Youth Coordinator – David Antcliff
Youth Program Support – Robert Jovanovski

The 2019 football department is a blend of stability from the 2018 season and new ideas from a carefully selected group of head coaches focused on player development and competition results in 2019.

Broadmeadow Magic FC believe our 2019 football department will do our club, players and supporters proud as we prepare for the next season of Magic football.

Myer Park Update – 18/06/2018

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Myer Park remains CLOSED until further notice. It is unlikely that the ground will be open before Thursday so please look at booking alternate venues where possible.


Round Six Results

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A big congratulations to everyone that braved the weather on Saturday at our home games and also the teams that played away

There are no fixtures this weekend due to the long weekend so enjoy your weekend off football, ready to tackle round seven next week!

Results from Saturday can be found under the ‘Results’ tab


Silent Saturday – 26/05/2018

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The annual Silent Saturday is being held throughout this week across Northern NSW!

The message for all ALDI MiniRoos matches on this day is to encourage all spectators & coaches to “Keep Quiet” and “Just let the kids play”.

This message is especially important to team coaches who have the opportunity to set a great example to their players and the parents by showing that the game is for the players and to refrain from any communication to the referee, instructing referee or game leader.

This initiative covers all ALDI MiniRoos age groups (5-11) with the aim of just letting the kids play and have fun without having to worry about how their performance is affecting the adults on the sidelines.

The objectives of holding a “Silent Saturday” are:
• To re-emphasise that the game is for the players and allowing the kids to simply play and have fun.
• To give the players a chance to play, learn and enjoy the game on their own.
• To completely eliminate the verbal questioning of the referees’ decisions and/or ability.
• To reaffirm to parents and coaches that players do not need constant direction to enjoy their match

Kids have the right to play without having to hear:
• “Wake up! Don’t just stand there!”
• “You have GOT to be kidding me!”
• “Why do I waste my time coming?”
• “Watch the game ref”
• “Kick it! Kick it!”

Our club prides itself on the way that our members act so this weekend is a perfect opportunity to show everyone that we take this issue seriously


Round Four Results

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Well done to all of our teams over the course of the weekend!

There has been plenty of memorable moments so far this year so please keep them coming

All results from the weekend’s fixtures can be found under the ‘Results’ tab


Round Three Fixtures

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Good luck to all of our teams participating in round three fixtures tomorrow

The majority of our teams are at home with a couple other teams playing away

All fixtures are available to view under the ‘Results’ tab


Round Two Results

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Congratulations to all of our teams that participated in round two fixtures on Saturday
Some amazing performances & it’s great to see so many young footballers enjoy the game
Results from the weekend can be found under the ‘Results’ tab

Coach of the Month Award

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More Magical news today coming through from Northern NSW Football with Under 10/02 Head Coach, Matt Prisnia being awarded the Newcastle Football Coach of the Month for April!

Matt has been coaching at our great club for the past few years & is one of our most dedicated & long serving coaches within the club – We couldn’t think of anyone better to receive this award

Well done Matt, good luck tomorrow with your team


Newcastle Jets Grand Final!

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A massive congratulations to Newcastle Jets on making the grand final tomorrow night at McDonald Jones Stadium!!

Our club has been lucky enough to be chosen to participate in a match during the half-time break. Ten of our young players have been given the opportunity by Northern NSW Football & we cannot thank them enough

We will post lots of photos of our Super Magicians playing in front of 30,000 fans